Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just Some Fun With Some Sunridge Youth Pastors

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now in the 17th Year of my Fantastic Life

Last Thursday, the 18th, was my birthday. I am only one year away from becoming an adult. That is kind of wired. Anyways, I had a great day filled with birthday wishes. On Friday, I had a party at my house with 12 of my friends. We had fun just hangin out. After a while, we decided to go to the church parking lot to play hide and go seek. By far the best time that I have ever had at church. It was intense! We went back to the house and sat around the fire pit for a while. We took some pictures by the fire that turned out really cool.

Also, I got the thing that I have been waiting for. My iPod touch arrived. In fact, this post is coming to you directly from my iPod. It is by far the best thing that I have ever got on my birthday.

Thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday on the 18th.


Monday, December 22, 2008

When there is no time to breathe...

... there is no time for blogging. I have found it hard to post things on my blog ever since I began participating in the blogging world. Even though I have absolutley no time, I will not give up on I have had a great time sharing my thoughts (rarely) with new people and I really hope that I get somemore readers. I know that the lack of posts does not help me gain anymore readers.

If there is any advice that you have for me, please share.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have always loved Thanksgiving.  It is a time when family comes together to fill there stomachs with food that is only served on day a year.  It is a time when football is on TV all day, just like a Sunday.  A time where you can watch the Lions lose and and the Cowboys win.  This year, we even get to watch the Cardinals win.  Thanksgiving is when the chips and dip are at my disposal all day long.  When all the girls are in the kitchen all morning and afternoon, preparing the food that we will all devour between the 1:00 and 5:00 football games.  

I am just happy right now and you should be too.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RK on All About Worship

Our worship leader was interviewed on All About Worship.

You can check out the interview here.

**Rich, I was kind of hoping for a plug to at the "new generation" part of the conversation.  I'll forgive you though.


Those Broncos are KILLING ME!

I can't take it anymore!  They have to play some type of defense.  It is ridiculous!  My dream team has been crushed because of injuries.  They are droppin like flies and I can't do anything about it.  All I can do is try to show my support and not give up on them.  Thank goodness the Chargers suck too.  What a relief.  Because if we were in any other division we would be squished like bugs. 

I still love the Broncos.  Jay Cutler is the most awesomest person ever.  Except he always looks angry.  It is just cause he is such a fierce competitor though.  Brandon Marshall continues to amaze the world.  I could ramble on and on about 'em.  I won't for your sake though.

Over and Out


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mashable Open Web Awards!

I just voted for Ragamuffin Soul in the Open Web Awards at  I enjoy reading this blog everyday and I know that some of my readers enjoy it as well.  


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have a guest spot of Rich Kirkpatrick's Tehilla Music Blog.  

Go check out why my generation is driven to worship.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Something that I have started to enjoy these last two years has been watching our high school football team.  I got really interested in it once I started taking pictures for a lot of the guys' myspace profiles.  This year has deffinetly not been a boring one.

Yesterday was the much anticipated game against the #1 team in our division.  It was talked about around school all week and was supposed to be a great game.  It turned out to be just that.  A lot of people came to the game which was over an hour away.  It was much louder on our side of the field then that of the home teams.  We would get off to a rough start as we went down 14-0 in the first half.  In the final seconds of the 2nd though, we got a much needed touchdown.  We then came out in the second half and were suprised by yet another TD.  A bad snap on the PAT would lead to a 20-7 score.  We would come back however, and take the lead on a touchdown (picture above) with 4 minutes left.  The opposing team would not be able to stir up a comeback of their own and we would go on to win with a final score of 21-20, the same score that we beat them by last year.  

Can't wait for next week!  Kill Calvary!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best Halloween That I Have Ever Had... With NO COSTUMES

Yesterday was a great day.  I did not expect for it to be so great seeing as how most of my Halloweens have included sitting by the front door handing out my candy to 14 year olds who should have stopped trick or treating a while ago.  This year was different.  I went to my friend Kristy's house.  It was really fun.  We played some pool, did a little bit of karaoke and played some good ol Egyptian rat slap which has proved to be the most fun card game in these United States of America. 

There was only part of the night that I did not enjoy was when we visited some haunted houses.  According to my friends, none of the places were scary.  I still know that they were lying because I came out of those houses holding onto the back of my friend Joey's shirt so hard that I think I almost put a hole in it.  I came out of the second house sweating harder than I ever had before.  I think that I almost died in there.  

The good thing is that I did not have any nightmares last night and I got to sleep in a little bit which is the best thing in the world for me right now because of that nasty cold that I can feeling coming on me.  

Hope all of your Halloweens were as good as mine.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Ducks have finally got their season underway... thank goodness.  We started out the season 1-4 but we have come back with three wins in eastern canada.  We beat Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.  It has been a really good road trip for us and hopefully they will keep it going when they return home after one more game in Columbus.  


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Broncos... why oh why

Why oh why did this have to happen?

On such a happy day.
On such a happy night.
Why oh why did Andre Hall fumble twice in the 1st quarter?
Not once.
But two times.
Why oh why did are defense become defenseless?
A defense...
Why oh why to the Patriots?
To Matt Cassel...
and freinds.
Why oh why did Jay Cut have to hit his finger on the other dudes helmet?
A finger...
Noooooo, not just any finger?
Why drop to 4-3?
I can believe it.
I can't stand for it!
Why oh why when I cheer so hard that my throat starts to bleed?
I won't just cheer...


Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a Very Important Day

I would like to wish my friend Colby a happy birthday.  He is a great guy to have as a friend.  He also is someone that reads this blog regularly.  You Rock!

Hope you have a good day man.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Youth Group

I have been actively involved in our youth group ever since I was allowed to be a part of it.  We have had our ups and downs as a group and as a church, but I feel that we are really doing some great stuff as of recently.  Our youth pastor and his wife just left about 5 months ago.  They had been a part of the group for 2 years and had done a great job turning things back around after things had been twisted all out of shape from some tough times.  They were in charge of the middle school and high school ministries.  Now that they have left, we have hired a new middle school pastor Erin.  So far, he has done a great job with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  He is full of energy and he makes everything fun for kids at the midweek study.  He also is very interested in having many "outside of church" for the kids and also getting them involved with other ministries that our church has to offer.  Our highs school ministry, which I am a part of, is doing great.  We have hired a interim youth pastor, Mynor.  He is great and is getting to know all of us very well.  He is very committed to having a COMMUNITY in the group.  I think that this is great for all of us to think about.  The different "clicks" that are associated with any place that has many teenagers in it, are something that we want to get rid of.  I also have been noticing that our group is becoming more and more composed of new comers.  I think that this is something that has needed to happen for a long time and now that it is finally becoming a reality, I feel as if our group is beginning to take shape.  


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twitter is Great When...

You have people who follow you. i would really like to get to know a lot of the blogging conmmunity better. I think a good way to start doing that would be to get some followers of me on twitter. i would also like to follow you on twitter. If you ever read this blog, leave a comment telling me so that I can follow you. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you would put me on your link list so that other may find

thanks a bucnch


Sunday, September 28, 2008


The reason for my lack of posts for the last week is because of my effort to finish this new design for the new Thats right... no more blogspot in the address.  At least it will be like this by the end of the day.  I think that the new design is pretty cool.  Thanks too PSD Tuts for the idea for the header image.  Hopefully, this new look and feel will give a great new aspect to  

Thanks for readin.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Towel Animals

I have always wanted to embark on a cruise.  I don't really care where to... just someplace tropical I guess you could say.  Every year my family and I take of to some place in the middle of the country where there is nothing but corn and bugs.  

Now that I have seen this...

I must say that I am a little frightened to go on a cruise.  I found this picture on actually.  Supposedly there are a bunch of people who have some spare time to make animals out of bath towels.  If I were to spend that much money to go on a vacation, I must say that the first thing that would come to my mind would not be to make animals out of towels.  I would want to go out to the pool or something like that.

To see all the pictures click here

Monday, September 15, 2008

Broncos OWN

With a controversial win against the Chargers on Sunday, the Broncos are for sure the best team in our division.  

I know that I will get a lot of comments on this post. So have at it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

$1000 Dollar Reward

I know that your lives have just not been the same sense I have stopped blogging.  This is why I am officially announcing my rebirth in the blogging community.  It seems like I have not posted anything on the web for a year or two but the truth is that I have only had a 3 week break.  I have been extremely busy with school, fiends and church.  I am glad that I now some time to devote to blogging.  Keep on coming here and tell anyone that you think would be interested.

Thanks a lot y'all


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Old Are You? No, Seriously!

I have had a great time watching the Olympics.  However, this whole age controversy is really getting to me.  I have watched all of the gymnastics because my mom loves it and it is pretty much the only thing on at night.  I didn't think that I would get so into this whole thing but I just can't help myself when I know that we are getting cheated.  Some of these girls are undoubtedly younger than 16.  

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation 2008: Days 1 & 2

This trip has been quite the experience already.  Our family has been blessed with great health and safety.  Here is a quick recap of all that has already happened on this epic journey.
We decided to leave the house on Monday morning at around 7:00am.  This, however, did not happen just like every other time we have set a time to leave the house for vacation.  There is always something that we have forgotten after we thought that we had everything in order.  This happened many, many times of course and we just about brought the whole house with us on this trip.  

After we finally got out of the house, we traveled to Starbucks.  I love that place.  Well, I have in the past at least.  We went in their to spend $20 on coffee which is already ridiculous.  After spending this outrageous amount on coffee and pastries and waiting for 10 min to get all of it, i was very disappointed when my EXTRA HOT peppermint mocha was COLD!  I was astounded again when the cashier told me that there were no knives.
  This was very important as I had ordered a plain bagel with 2 cream cheese packets.  How could I except this.  I decided to be nice and not complain though because I wanted to have an okay start to this vacation.  Instead of the knife, I used the handle of the spoon which was the only utensil that they had in their possession.  My cold EXTRA HOT peppermint mocha was now colder than before because of the stupid knife incident.

I got over my bad Starbucks experience and got ready for a long ride to Sedona, AZ.  I started out the trip in the back of the van.  I ended up putting my legs across all of the suitcases.  It was way more comfortable then sitting straight with no leg room at all.  
The only problem was that when it came time for me to get out, I could not do it.

I then drove for about 150 miles down the most boring road in the world.  I am sure that we will find a road that is more boring on this trip, but this highway had nothing by it.  After that long drive, we stopped for lunch.  The place that we stopped was the hottest place in the world.  I am sure of that.  It had to of been at least 107 or 108.  The heat was overcome by my oh so sweet Panda Express 2 entree plate: half fried rice, half steamed rice, orange chicken and some cream cheese ragoons... aka cream cheese wontons).

After the great lunch, we saw a huge dome in Phoenix.  We were guessing what it was and we were stupid enough to not even mention football.  It was indeed the University of Phoenix Stadium.  It was way cool and we had fun taking some pictures there.

After driving for another couple hours, me and the family were excited for some great sight-seeing in Sedona, AZ.  We were surprised at how much construction was going on for such a small town.  It was almost like they were building the whole city over again.  
We thought that we had gotten through all of the construction and we started on our way through a canyon.  Or so we thought!  We saw some great rocks within the first mile.  After that, there was nothing really spectacular.  There was just a bunch or trees and that was about it.  We were so confused because of all of the great things that we had heard about the canyon.  I was bummed out big time because I was looking for some good pictures.  We kept going through the canyon for like 15 miles until we finally found civilization.  We still don't know what happened and we still don't know where all of the spectacular rocks are.  

We then searched for about an hour for a hotel in Flagstaff, AZ.  There were about 20 hotels in that town and almost all of them were sold out.  Who knew that Flagstaff was such a popular place?  We finally found a hotel and after we settled in we went out for dinner at Olive Garden.  It was great and I loved my food.  I ate almost all of it except for a couple pieces of calamari which I gave to my brothers.  One of them choked on it and the whole restaurant held their breath.  Well, not really because I don't think that any of them cared that much.

It was a cray day!

Today was a little bit more mellow.  I started out the day on a bad note when I woke up to the noise of Dora the Explorer at 5:30 in the morning.  We had breakfast and then got out on the road.  It was an easy day but a long day.  

We had a great time taking pictures and we saw a lot of trains.  It was crazy how many trains there were.  I drove again and let me tell ya... there are some dumb truck drivers out there.  

We got to our hotel here in Albuquerque, NM and I was surprised when I got inside the room.  We have a BIG flat screen tv in our room.  It is awesome and I just watched Michael Phelps get his 10th gold medal.

It just so happened that when I took this picture my mom was watching the gymnastics on the tv.  So that is why there is a huge picture of a girl on there.  

Okay... I am done typing now.  All of the other updates will be much shorter than this.

If you want to see some of my pictures then check them out here

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Quite Around the World In 14 Days

I will be taking a trip for the next two weeks.  A LONG, LONG trip with the fam.  We will be traveling to these places in this order: Sedona, AZ -- Albuquerque, NM -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Denver, CO -- Grand Island, NE -- Kansas City, MO -- Denver, CO -- Beaver, UT -- Las Vegas, NV.  That is 3,633 miles people!!!

When I first heard about my parents ideas to travel all the way to Nebraska and Kansas, there was no way that I would be joining them.  It did not take long, however, for them to find a way to get me interested.  My dad and I will be attending a Denver Broncos preseason football game.  This is a dream come true for me.  I have absolutely loved the Broncos for... well, ever since I can remember.  You may have had a clue from one of my earlier posts about my cat... his name is Elway.  If you are any kind of sports fan, then you should definitely know this name.  If not, just stop reading right now because you are a disgrace.  Anyways, my parents got me some great seats for this game against the Packers.  I am super excited for the 22nd to roll around even though it is just a preseason game.  Who cares?  It is a definite fulfillment of one of my biggest dreams.  The rest of the trip is just time for me to think about the game and how great it will be.
This whole journey will take place in our spectacular mini van. I have recently gotten my license which is huge for me going in to this grueling time with kids screaming in the car because they are tired of some movie and they want to watch a movie that is even more boring in my opinion.  Even though the bros will probably not stop this trend, I will have much, much more leg room then I would if I were in the back seat like on previous trips to the ends of the earth.  I would drive the whole trip if I could, but my Mom has assured me that I will not be doing that.

If you would all pray for the safety of my family and I over the course of this trip, it would be greatly appreciated.  

What kind of trip(s) have you taken this summer?

My Dad As... An Olympian

This week, I had a very easy task.  The 2008 Olympics in Beijing have started.  This event has been much anticipated by me and my family.  We enjoy watching the many different competitors in their select sports.  
The Opening Ceremony for these Olympic games was phenomenal.  If you did not see it, then you missed out big time.  The most interesting thing in this ceremony was the fact that there was only 2008 people on the field at any given time.  I thought that what they were able to do with this many people was amazing.  All of the performers were perfectly synchronized in almost every aspect of their performances.  It was a spectacular sight.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farve "Jets" Away From Green Bay

I would like to introduce you to the newest NY Jet.  I was so surprised last night when I heard the news that Favre would be seen in Green and White.  I could have sworn that he would have ended up in Tampa due to his lasting relationship with Jon Gruden.  But it doesn't matter what I think obviously.

One problem that has formed from this trade is the fact that EA Sports has already created Madden 09 with a picture of Brett on the front in his Packers uniform.  They have already made millions of copies of this new game and it is being released this month.  To fix this problem they have now changed the cover to a picture of Favre in a Jet's uniform.  They will continue production with this new picture on the front of the case.

What have you thought about all of this Brett Favre stuff?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Take Five And A Half Minutes

My Dad As... Darth Vader

May I introduce to you, Darth Greg.  I have gotten few replies from readers as to what I should create my dad as for each week.  The one person that gives me great responses is the author of ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL?, Mr. JB.  Therefore, I decided to grant one of his requests.  Even though I am not a Star Wars fanatic, I think that you will agree that this is pretty hilarious.  I find it harder and harder to pay attention to my dad on a Sunday morning.  I cannot seem to get these pictures out of my brain.  Some people may think that this is disrespectful or something, but I can assure you that my father thinks that this is just as funny as I think it is.

Please give me some more ideas people.  Anything that pops in your head?

Jesus is My Homeboy. Offensive or Not?

I have seen this t-shirt in many, many stores before.  It is all over the internet and I have seen a lot of people proudly walking around with this shirt on.  Some people find the statement "Jesus is My Homeboy" kind of offensive.  I do not know what to think really.  

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who Knew???

I have known that I have the same birthday as Brad Pitt for a while now.  I found out from one of those calenders that have famous people's birthdays for everyday of the year.  Anyways, my dad and I were watching tv one day when I saw something about Brad Pitt.  I had never told my dad about that and the room was kinda quiet so I told him about Brad's and mine similarity.  Little did I know that I was about to find out about something that is pretty awesome.  When I told my dad about this, he was shocked.  I was kind of confused because he was making a much bigger deal out of it then I would have expected.  I mean, everyone has a 1/365 chance to have the same birthday as Brad Pitt.  He then explained to me that he has the same birthday as Robert Redford.  Now, you may be saying, "What's the big deal about that?"  Well, If you look at the picture here, you will see that the two of them almost look like father and son.  They have been considered to look like each other for a while.  If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see my dad and I.  We look alike and we have the same birthdays as the other two guys.  I thought that it was pretty crazy. Maybe it is just me, but that is a big coincidence.

Pancakes Are the Best Way to Start a Day

This morning was awesome! I decided to make some of my amazing pancakes.  They were supposed to be choco-choco chip pancakes but I could not find the chocolate chips anywhere!? So we settled for some mickey mouse pancakes.  Actually I only made 1 successfully.  All of the other ones that I have tired to make fall apart and I get depressed.  The whole fam liked 'em so I plan on doing it again soon.

What is your favorite breakfast?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Spider Capitol of the World is Right Around the Corner

I woke up this morning feeling quite comfortable.  Everyone else besides Mom was out of the house on a walk at a local lake.  I went downstairs for some hot chocolate and an episode of Without A Trace (one of my favorite shows).  I had just started watching the episode when my dad came into the house and shouted at me to get my camera.  He said that there was one spider at the lake that I had to get a picture of.  I was mad about having to stop Without A Trace but I am always looking for a good picture so I gave it a shot.  I have been to this lake many times you see... and I have seen a couple of tiny spiders there.  So, I was really not expecting a big spider and I was not really expecting to get a good picture. 

When we got there, I got out of the car and I saw the spider.  It was pretty good sized.  It was hanging right in the middle of the walkway.  And not that high over our heads.  The sun was hitting the web pretty good so I gave some pictures a shot.  I was really happy because of some good shots that I got.  I figured that it was worth the trip out there to see it.  We were about to leave when a lady stopped us and told us that there was many more spiders down the path.  We didn't think that they could be anywhere close to the size of the one that we just saw but we still gave it a shot.  I was so surprised at what was revealed when we rounded the corner.  A magnitude of spiders filled the air.  There must have been at least 30 spiders that I saw.  I then began taking a frenzy of pictures and had a great time.  The only downside of this awesome trip was that I now feel as thought I have  million spiders crawling on me.  Seriously!  I have felt that way for the last 5 hours and it is not getting any better.

If you want to feel as creeped out as I am, go look at the pictures on my SmugMug.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Dad As... The King

Look who he is this week.  Can it get any more hilarious than this.  When I started this whole thing, I thought that I would be giving my dad a new sense of style.  What this has turned out to be, however, is a new way for many people to look at my father in a completely different way.  Whether that is a bad thing or a good thing means nothing to me because I love it. So, keep checking every Friday to see what my dad will turn out to be. 

I still need ideas people! What should I show my Dad as next week?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going to the Beach Has Its Consequences

Yes, every time that I go to the beach I always find a way to get burned.  Usually I will get burned under my eyes or on my arms or on my neck.  However, as you can see, this time it was not just in those places that the sun did its damage.  My legs are fried.  I had so much fun at the beach today, but there is no way that it is worth this painful and uncomfortable feeling all over my body.

Just in case you are wondering, I did use sunscreen... SPF 60+.  So much for that stuff.  IO think that it would be better for me to just go to the beach without worrying about it.  If I am going to get toasted anyways, why spend all that extra time putting on sticky, white sunscreen every hour.  

Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Olympics Down, One More To Go

Last night was the Summer Sizzler finale, or as we liked to call it, the "closing ceremony".  It went great!  We had many kids that had all gone to a club during the past two weeks which were held in different backyards around the valley.  We had such a great time and most of it was due to the hard work of the leaders. We got there at 10 and and worked vigerously for 7 hours until the kids started showing up at 5.

We started out with an awesome obstacle course that went around the whole youth room, and required quite a bit of skill to complete in my opinion.  The kids then were split into three groups: Russia, Greece and Kenya.  We then transitioned into worship.  Hannah and I led that part of the event and I think that we did an okay job considering neither of us can sing.  Well... Hannah is not that bad but I am just horrible.  It was really fun to do all of the songs with the band and I think that the kids had fun with it.  After that we started the rotations in which each team was trying to gather points.  The five stations included a basketball game, a volleyball game, a blow-up obstacle course, a running track event and a classic game of jump the river.  I was one of the people in charge of the obstacle course seeing as how I am and expert at those things.  I ended up taking pictures most of the time however.  
After all of the events were completed, we all went back inside for the crowning of the winner. I thought that Russia was going to win but I was dead wrong as Greece got first, Kenya got second and Russia got third.  We then went on to watch a slideshow of all of the clubs that had taken place for the last 2 weeks.  We also got to eat some delicious mud cups (chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs and gummy worms).  The slideshow was so much fun to watch with the kids and it capped off the night so great.  

After all of the fun, we then had to clean up.  That was a challenge, especially after there had been over 200 kids in the youth room for 3 and a half hours.  It went by pretty fast though as we had about 40 leaders to pitch in.

This year, Summer Sizzlers brought 40+ kids to the Lord.  Thanks for all of your prayers and support.  It was great!

My Dad As The Joker

If this picture of my dad does not freak you out then you have something wrong with you or you are just in a really good mood.  This depiction of a pastor, i think, has never been seen before and I now see why no one has dared to show it.  I was inspired by a spectacular performance by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight which I saw at Midnight on Thursday/Friday.  It was very well made and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I do think, however, that the Joker in the movie looked nothing like my dad and that is why I decided to let all of you see the new Joker.  Greg Sid!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I will be seeing Batman.  If anyone else is then let me know and maybe we can hang out as we wait in line together!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Review: Hancock

This film was not that bad actually.  I actually felt like I had spent my $10.50 in a good way.  Most of the people that I talked to before I went to go see it said that it was not as good as they thought that it was going to be and that it disappointed them. I don't know... maybe my taste in movies is different than everyone else's.  I thought that Will Smith did a good job again. He can take on so many different roles. It is amazing!  The thing that I did not like about this film was all of the cursing.  Overall, I thought that it is a movie worth spending your money to go and see.  

Anyone else think differently?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Dad As A Magician

This week, I decided to be a little bit random with my choice of outfit for my dad.  He is now a skilled magician that can pull a rabbit out of his top hat.  I think that he should do an act for us on Sunday morning instead of sharing a sermon.  Wouldn't that be great?

What would you like to see my dad as next week?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

This Tuesday, the church went to a baseball game at the local Single A baseball team, the Lake Elsinore Storm.

A lot of people from the church attended the game.  We had a whole section to ourselves and I would deffinetly say that we had the most people in any one section of seats.  I have never rooted for the Storm whenever I go to a game and I was not about to change that for this occasion.  I rooted for the Lancaster Jethawks.  They were not bad as they won the game 5-1.  They hit two homers in the first two innings.  It was a good game for me, but not for everyone else there.  
The best thing about the whole thing was the fact that my dad got to through the first pitch.  I thought that this was hilarious and it was really 
fun to watch him out there.  We all cheered for him and 
he threw a decent pitch that made it to the plate but was a ball.  He had me warm up with him before we left for the game and he was not that bad for a guy who does not play all that many sports anymore.  He played in high school and stuff but that was like three decades ago, so that didn't really help him.  He also was asked to sign autographs before he went out to throw the pitch and I could not stop laughing about that.  
Overall, I think that it was a great time of fellowship for all of us that went and I hope that we can do it again.

If you would like to see all of the pictures form the game, go to and click on Sunridge.

If you went to the game, what were some of your favorite things that happened?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal... A Wimbledon Champion

Today, I witnessed something that I will never forget.  Rafa finally beat Roger on grass in a match that was full with rain delays, amazing shots, and unbelievable rallies!  I did not get to watch this final live, but as soon as I got home from church I made sure that I watched every single point.  I was so surprised when I watched Rafa take the first two sets.  I thought that it was all over and that it was going to be a blowout just like at the French Open.  However, Federer came out in the third set with a different attitude and seemed to really take over.  There was then a rain delay in the middle of the set.  It seemed to work in Roger's favor as he came out and won the next two sets in tiebreaks.  

With everyone now very interested and energetic at Center Court, everything seemed to be unreal.  There was just no way that one match could be this exciting... and for this amazing match to be the final? WOW! The final set went until Rafa broke Federer and then won on his serve to clinch his first Wimbledon championship. Although I was not rooting for Nadal, I am still glad for him and I am glad that we were able to crown a new champ.  If you did not see the final, you really need to go see the highlights. 

Sid's Photography

Please Please Please! Go check out my dad's and my pictures website.  We would love to get some more feedback on our pictures.

4th and 5th of July Parties

This last weekend was full of fun and excitement as there have been many things going on. 
On Friday, we swam at the Tremayne's house and i got a black eye from Riley's flying elbows.  After all of that excitement, we went to Cody's house to play boche ball and to watch the fireworks. We had a pretty decent view from the middle of the street outside of 
his house.  We then capped everything off with a bonfire.  I had to leave earlier than everyone else though because of my stupid curfew with my license.  So that was a fun day.
Then on the 5th, there was a junior high party at Kenny's which pretty much turned out as an adult and high school party because of the ratio.  There was an abundance off people being thrown into the pool and I did not want anything to do with that so I stayed away as much as possible.  I think that everyone that I know got thrown in except for me, so I am pretty happy about that.  After all of the pool business, we set off some awesome fireworks in the front yard. Then it was time to watch another firework show.  it was not as good as the cities but it was not that bad.  I tried to take pictures but found my tripod wobbling because of the slope that their house has. GRRR.

What were some things that you did this 4th of July weekend?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Dad As A Patriotic Swimmer

This week, I was inspired to show my dad as a Patriotic Swimmer as Friday was the 4th of July.  I can say that he is definetly not this ripped and he does not own a rediculously short pair of American Flag swim trunks.  I just thought that it would be fun to show him as an enthusiastic American that loves the 4th of July.  He does love the 4th... just not this much

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Night Of Worship, Some BJ's Chili ($5.25) and 25% of Rich's Pizza (Free) Thanks Again!

Wednesday's Night of Worship was soo awesome.  It was one of the best worship times that I have ever had and I hope that we can do it again soon.  Thanks to all of the band for comin out for us. 

Then we went to BJ's and I realized whenever I parked in the parking lot that I only had $4.  What a pickle I was in.  I was going to go to the bank but decided not to because of the late hour.  So I walked into el resterante and looked for something on the menu that could possibly be under 4 bucks.  So I finally found something... a bowl of chili for $5.25.  Bobby spotted me the extra and it worked out. Plus, Rich got a mini pizza that was still huge and he gave me a piece of that so I was nice and full by the time I left.  
Just had to share the experience with all of you.  The moral of this story is to not go into BJ's with only a couple bucks.  You will suffer greatly unless you have some great friends like me :)


I got a new phone as you can see here. It is actually pretty cool.  I thought that it was just going to be a good replacement for the one that I used to have which was a replacement for a replacement of a replacement of my original 2 year contract phone which i had in my pocket while jumping in the pool at the Tremaynes house. Anyways, I am really happy to finally have something that everyone else has and I am REALLY happy that I don't have to cover the phone with my hand when I talk on it. haha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Taking A Little Nap

Just thought that I would share this moment with all of you.  My bro and Elway decided that they would take a nap together as they were both really tired. haha.

Summer Sizzlers Training: Day 2-3

These two days at the church were full of a lot of information.  I always seem to forget how much work that the interns put into this.  Everything has been really organized this year and there has not been too many problems so far.  Britt came in today for our second devotion and he really helped us all realize that we need to just slow down sometimes and think about the one who gave us all that we have and the one that gave us the opportunity of doing Summer Sizzlers.   It is really fun to be a part of this program as I am learning to change lives while hanging out with my friends.  It is a great opportunity.  Hopefully everything will stay the same and we will have another productive tear of transforming the lives of kids and their families.

Monday, June 30, 2008

CLARK, the canadian hockey goalie

Thanks to my good friend Erin Wible, I just saw one of the funniest things that I have ever seen.  This might be the funniest thing ever to me because of my absolute obsession with sports but hockey in particular.  Whoever came up with the idea for this short film is a genius in my perspective and no one can tell me otherwise.

What did you think of this clip?

Summer Sizzlers Training: Day 1

Today was the day that I now begin a journey that I have already taken 3 times before.  Summer Sizzlers has been something that I look forward to pretty much all year as I get to spend time with friends while sharing God's love with kids that may have never even heard of him before.

Today we began the training.  It will last only this week for about 4 hours each day.  I saw some new faces at the church today.  I think that everything went smoothly and I believe that this year could be one of the best yet!

Have you been involved with Summer Sizzlers at all? If so, what has your experience been like and what are some of your favorite memories?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Smart: Movie Review

This movie was supposed to be something that made me laugh hysterically. Huh? The only time that I did laugh was one part about a fat lady that Steve Carell danced with. The thing I found to be most hilarious was the lady's laugh on the other side of the theatre. (even though she had nothing to be laughing about)  Anyways, Get Smart was not as good as I had hoped.  I had planned on staying the whole time to watch the movie even though i had a party for Epic to go to, but I ended up ditching because of the retarded acting. I have seen much better from both Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway; all of the other people I did not recognize so there is no need to even mention them.

If you thought differently then me, PLEASE explain why?

Friday, June 27, 2008

He Just Needs a Little Style

As most of you know, my dad is a pastor that dresses the same EVERY DAY.  I think that this needs to be fixed.  However, my dad is not willing to wear exotic clothes to church.  I have therefore decided to take the initiative and "do it for him" if you will.  Every week I will be uploading a new avatar of him in new clothing.  Please share your thoughts on these crazy outfits!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


The TP Bros (a.k.a. sean and josh) struck again last night. We got someone who we have wanted to get for quite some time now.  She got our very best and even more.  "This had to of been one of our best efforts yet," Josh Rad said after a full hour outside the unlucky house. "We get better every time and we put our hearts and souls into these masterpieces." This tremendous work of art was compliments of 21 rolls of Comfort Soft.

You might be wondering why in the world we would be telling others about our incognito strikes.  We just like taking the credit for it all! 

You never know when the TP BROS are going to strike again.  Our next victim could be YOU! muhahaha

What was your most memorable TP experience? Who has gotten your house the best? Who have you gotten really good?

"So You Think You Can Dance" is Really Getting To Dad's Head

Who that you know is going crazy because of this show?

New Blog

Hey everyone. This new blog of mine is something that I hope to stay in touch with regularly. I have already been around the blogging world of sports for a little while so I decided that I should get a blog expressing my daily activities and interests. I hope you enjoy all of my thoughts!

Have any advice for me, a relatively new blogger?

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