Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best Halloween That I Have Ever Had... With NO COSTUMES

Yesterday was a great day.  I did not expect for it to be so great seeing as how most of my Halloweens have included sitting by the front door handing out my candy to 14 year olds who should have stopped trick or treating a while ago.  This year was different.  I went to my friend Kristy's house.  It was really fun.  We played some pool, did a little bit of karaoke and played some good ol Egyptian rat slap which has proved to be the most fun card game in these United States of America. 

There was only part of the night that I did not enjoy was when we visited some haunted houses.  According to my friends, none of the places were scary.  I still know that they were lying because I came out of those houses holding onto the back of my friend Joey's shirt so hard that I think I almost put a hole in it.  I came out of the second house sweating harder than I ever had before.  I think that I almost died in there.  

The good thing is that I did not have any nightmares last night and I got to sleep in a little bit which is the best thing in the world for me right now because of that nasty cold that I can feeling coming on me.  

Hope all of your Halloweens were as good as mine.


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