Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Quite Around the World In 14 Days

I will be taking a trip for the next two weeks.  A LONG, LONG trip with the fam.  We will be traveling to these places in this order: Sedona, AZ -- Albuquerque, NM -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Denver, CO -- Grand Island, NE -- Kansas City, MO -- Denver, CO -- Beaver, UT -- Las Vegas, NV.  That is 3,633 miles people!!!

When I first heard about my parents ideas to travel all the way to Nebraska and Kansas, there was no way that I would be joining them.  It did not take long, however, for them to find a way to get me interested.  My dad and I will be attending a Denver Broncos preseason football game.  This is a dream come true for me.  I have absolutely loved the Broncos for... well, ever since I can remember.  You may have had a clue from one of my earlier posts about my cat... his name is Elway.  If you are any kind of sports fan, then you should definitely know this name.  If not, just stop reading right now because you are a disgrace.  Anyways, my parents got me some great seats for this game against the Packers.  I am super excited for the 22nd to roll around even though it is just a preseason game.  Who cares?  It is a definite fulfillment of one of my biggest dreams.  The rest of the trip is just time for me to think about the game and how great it will be.
This whole journey will take place in our spectacular mini van. I have recently gotten my license which is huge for me going in to this grueling time with kids screaming in the car because they are tired of some movie and they want to watch a movie that is even more boring in my opinion.  Even though the bros will probably not stop this trend, I will have much, much more leg room then I would if I were in the back seat like on previous trips to the ends of the earth.  I would drive the whole trip if I could, but my Mom has assured me that I will not be doing that.

If you would all pray for the safety of my family and I over the course of this trip, it would be greatly appreciated.  

What kind of trip(s) have you taken this summer?

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JB said...

You know, I think the Donner Party moved faster than you guys are. You might think of stopping by Hot Topic next chance you get to grab a Backseat Drivers License.

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