Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation 2008: Days 1 & 2

This trip has been quite the experience already.  Our family has been blessed with great health and safety.  Here is a quick recap of all that has already happened on this epic journey.
We decided to leave the house on Monday morning at around 7:00am.  This, however, did not happen just like every other time we have set a time to leave the house for vacation.  There is always something that we have forgotten after we thought that we had everything in order.  This happened many, many times of course and we just about brought the whole house with us on this trip.  

After we finally got out of the house, we traveled to Starbucks.  I love that place.  Well, I have in the past at least.  We went in their to spend $20 on coffee which is already ridiculous.  After spending this outrageous amount on coffee and pastries and waiting for 10 min to get all of it, i was very disappointed when my EXTRA HOT peppermint mocha was COLD!  I was astounded again when the cashier told me that there were no knives.
  This was very important as I had ordered a plain bagel with 2 cream cheese packets.  How could I except this.  I decided to be nice and not complain though because I wanted to have an okay start to this vacation.  Instead of the knife, I used the handle of the spoon which was the only utensil that they had in their possession.  My cold EXTRA HOT peppermint mocha was now colder than before because of the stupid knife incident.

I got over my bad Starbucks experience and got ready for a long ride to Sedona, AZ.  I started out the trip in the back of the van.  I ended up putting my legs across all of the suitcases.  It was way more comfortable then sitting straight with no leg room at all.  
The only problem was that when it came time for me to get out, I could not do it.

I then drove for about 150 miles down the most boring road in the world.  I am sure that we will find a road that is more boring on this trip, but this highway had nothing by it.  After that long drive, we stopped for lunch.  The place that we stopped was the hottest place in the world.  I am sure of that.  It had to of been at least 107 or 108.  The heat was overcome by my oh so sweet Panda Express 2 entree plate: half fried rice, half steamed rice, orange chicken and some cream cheese ragoons... aka cream cheese wontons).

After the great lunch, we saw a huge dome in Phoenix.  We were guessing what it was and we were stupid enough to not even mention football.  It was indeed the University of Phoenix Stadium.  It was way cool and we had fun taking some pictures there.

After driving for another couple hours, me and the family were excited for some great sight-seeing in Sedona, AZ.  We were surprised at how much construction was going on for such a small town.  It was almost like they were building the whole city over again.  
We thought that we had gotten through all of the construction and we started on our way through a canyon.  Or so we thought!  We saw some great rocks within the first mile.  After that, there was nothing really spectacular.  There was just a bunch or trees and that was about it.  We were so confused because of all of the great things that we had heard about the canyon.  I was bummed out big time because I was looking for some good pictures.  We kept going through the canyon for like 15 miles until we finally found civilization.  We still don't know what happened and we still don't know where all of the spectacular rocks are.  

We then searched for about an hour for a hotel in Flagstaff, AZ.  There were about 20 hotels in that town and almost all of them were sold out.  Who knew that Flagstaff was such a popular place?  We finally found a hotel and after we settled in we went out for dinner at Olive Garden.  It was great and I loved my food.  I ate almost all of it except for a couple pieces of calamari which I gave to my brothers.  One of them choked on it and the whole restaurant held their breath.  Well, not really because I don't think that any of them cared that much.

It was a cray day!

Today was a little bit more mellow.  I started out the day on a bad note when I woke up to the noise of Dora the Explorer at 5:30 in the morning.  We had breakfast and then got out on the road.  It was an easy day but a long day.  

We had a great time taking pictures and we saw a lot of trains.  It was crazy how many trains there were.  I drove again and let me tell ya... there are some dumb truck drivers out there.  

We got to our hotel here in Albuquerque, NM and I was surprised when I got inside the room.  We have a BIG flat screen tv in our room.  It is awesome and I just watched Michael Phelps get his 10th gold medal.

It just so happened that when I took this picture my mom was watching the gymnastics on the tv.  So that is why there is a huge picture of a girl on there.  

Okay... I am done typing now.  All of the other updates will be much shorter than this.

If you want to see some of my pictures then check them out here

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Pete Wilson said...

Sounds like a great vacation. Hope you guys have a blast.

Love the blog by the way.

JB said...

Wow, you guys are really dong some cool stuff. Just don't get lost. We want you guys to come back. Have a great vacation and I look forward to seeing you when you get back.

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