Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farve "Jets" Away From Green Bay

I would like to introduce you to the newest NY Jet.  I was so surprised last night when I heard the news that Favre would be seen in Green and White.  I could have sworn that he would have ended up in Tampa due to his lasting relationship with Jon Gruden.  But it doesn't matter what I think obviously.

One problem that has formed from this trade is the fact that EA Sports has already created Madden 09 with a picture of Brett on the front in his Packers uniform.  They have already made millions of copies of this new game and it is being released this month.  To fix this problem they have now changed the cover to a picture of Favre in a Jet's uniform.  They will continue production with this new picture on the front of the case.

What have you thought about all of this Brett Favre stuff?

3 Comentários:

buying stocks said...

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JB said...

It should be a rule by the NFL that when you start developing grey hair you must hang up the pads.

Why couldn't he just be a good boy and retire? It's not like he had nothing going for him, do you know how many networks were willing to pay him as a sportscaster?!

You're too old Brett, stop now before you need to take the shotgun formation with a cane!

Cara said...

Good words.

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