Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Spider Capitol of the World is Right Around the Corner

I woke up this morning feeling quite comfortable.  Everyone else besides Mom was out of the house on a walk at a local lake.  I went downstairs for some hot chocolate and an episode of Without A Trace (one of my favorite shows).  I had just started watching the episode when my dad came into the house and shouted at me to get my camera.  He said that there was one spider at the lake that I had to get a picture of.  I was mad about having to stop Without A Trace but I am always looking for a good picture so I gave it a shot.  I have been to this lake many times you see... and I have seen a couple of tiny spiders there.  So, I was really not expecting a big spider and I was not really expecting to get a good picture. 

When we got there, I got out of the car and I saw the spider.  It was pretty good sized.  It was hanging right in the middle of the walkway.  And not that high over our heads.  The sun was hitting the web pretty good so I gave some pictures a shot.  I was really happy because of some good shots that I got.  I figured that it was worth the trip out there to see it.  We were about to leave when a lady stopped us and told us that there was many more spiders down the path.  We didn't think that they could be anywhere close to the size of the one that we just saw but we still gave it a shot.  I was so surprised at what was revealed when we rounded the corner.  A magnitude of spiders filled the air.  There must have been at least 30 spiders that I saw.  I then began taking a frenzy of pictures and had a great time.  The only downside of this awesome trip was that I now feel as thought I have  million spiders crawling on me.  Seriously!  I have felt that way for the last 5 hours and it is not getting any better.

If you want to feel as creeped out as I am, go look at the pictures on my SmugMug.

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