Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal... A Wimbledon Champion

Today, I witnessed something that I will never forget.  Rafa finally beat Roger on grass in a match that was full with rain delays, amazing shots, and unbelievable rallies!  I did not get to watch this final live, but as soon as I got home from church I made sure that I watched every single point.  I was so surprised when I watched Rafa take the first two sets.  I thought that it was all over and that it was going to be a blowout just like at the French Open.  However, Federer came out in the third set with a different attitude and seemed to really take over.  There was then a rain delay in the middle of the set.  It seemed to work in Roger's favor as he came out and won the next two sets in tiebreaks.  

With everyone now very interested and energetic at Center Court, everything seemed to be unreal.  There was just no way that one match could be this exciting... and for this amazing match to be the final? WOW! The final set went until Rafa broke Federer and then won on his serve to clinch his first Wimbledon championship. Although I was not rooting for Nadal, I am still glad for him and I am glad that we were able to crown a new champ.  If you did not see the final, you really need to go see the highlights. 

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