Thursday, July 3, 2008


I got a new phone as you can see here. It is actually pretty cool.  I thought that it was just going to be a good replacement for the one that I used to have which was a replacement for a replacement of a replacement of my original 2 year contract phone which i had in my pocket while jumping in the pool at the Tremaynes house. Anyways, I am really happy to finally have something that everyone else has and I am REALLY happy that I don't have to cover the phone with my hand when I talk on it. haha

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JB said...

I've had the same phone for five years and no one gives me crap about it being older than most people's cars.

That and I don't much see the point in owning a smart phone. I just want to call someone and occasionally send a text message. If I want to surf the net I'll bring my laptop.

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