Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Night Of Worship, Some BJ's Chili ($5.25) and 25% of Rich's Pizza (Free) Thanks Again!

Wednesday's Night of Worship was soo awesome.  It was one of the best worship times that I have ever had and I hope that we can do it again soon.  Thanks to all of the band for comin out for us. 

Then we went to BJ's and I realized whenever I parked in the parking lot that I only had $4.  What a pickle I was in.  I was going to go to the bank but decided not to because of the late hour.  So I walked into el resterante and looked for something on the menu that could possibly be under 4 bucks.  So I finally found something... a bowl of chili for $5.25.  Bobby spotted me the extra and it worked out. Plus, Rich got a mini pizza that was still huge and he gave me a piece of that so I was nice and full by the time I left.  
Just had to share the experience with all of you.  The moral of this story is to not go into BJ's with only a couple bucks.  You will suffer greatly unless you have some great friends like me :)

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Anonymous said...

I went to BJs once and all i got was a lemonade... but it was a bomb lemonade at that. Everyone says to get the Pizzookie

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