Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

This Tuesday, the church went to a baseball game at the local Single A baseball team, the Lake Elsinore Storm.

A lot of people from the church attended the game.  We had a whole section to ourselves and I would deffinetly say that we had the most people in any one section of seats.  I have never rooted for the Storm whenever I go to a game and I was not about to change that for this occasion.  I rooted for the Lancaster Jethawks.  They were not bad as they won the game 5-1.  They hit two homers in the first two innings.  It was a good game for me, but not for everyone else there.  
The best thing about the whole thing was the fact that my dad got to through the first pitch.  I thought that this was hilarious and it was really 
fun to watch him out there.  We all cheered for him and 
he threw a decent pitch that made it to the plate but was a ball.  He had me warm up with him before we left for the game and he was not that bad for a guy who does not play all that many sports anymore.  He played in high school and stuff but that was like three decades ago, so that didn't really help him.  He also was asked to sign autographs before he went out to throw the pitch and I could not stop laughing about that.  
Overall, I think that it was a great time of fellowship for all of us that went and I hope that we can do it again.

If you would like to see all of the pictures form the game, go to and click on Sunridge.

If you went to the game, what were some of your favorite things that happened?

6 Comentários:

Colby said...

Sean why can't you ever root for the Storm? I mus have punched you like 50 times because you kept cheering for the Jethawks. It was still a blast though, and we should defiantly do it again this summer.

JB said...

I suppose you couldn't find a storm shirt for you dad to wear?

Rich said...

rooting for the opposite team?... hmm...sounds like someone is having too much fun ;)

cory said...

dude, me and riley totally called like, 3/4 of the plays in that game. and it was cool, even though the storm lost.

holly said...

that game was soo fun.....cory and riley picked my husband too lol

MOM said...

My husband...the stud! :-)

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