Friday, September 12, 2008

$1000 Dollar Reward

I know that your lives have just not been the same sense I have stopped blogging.  This is why I am officially announcing my rebirth in the blogging community.  It seems like I have not posted anything on the web for a year or two but the truth is that I have only had a 3 week break.  I have been extremely busy with school, fiends and church.  I am glad that I now some time to devote to blogging.  Keep on coming here and tell anyone that you think would be interested.

Thanks a lot y'all


5 Comentários:

Colby said...

Sean, I'm not gonna lie, my life was incomplete without your blogs.

JB said...

Ok, when can I collect the money?

Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

I gotta know what is going on in the head of Sean Sid, it's like a scary movie, you just have to watch, you can't look away.

holly said...

i keep checking but nothing is new
should add some stuff :)

Rich Kirkpatrick said...

I am warmed by your return to blogging. :)

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