Thursday, June 26, 2008


The TP Bros (a.k.a. sean and josh) struck again last night. We got someone who we have wanted to get for quite some time now.  She got our very best and even more.  "This had to of been one of our best efforts yet," Josh Rad said after a full hour outside the unlucky house. "We get better every time and we put our hearts and souls into these masterpieces." This tremendous work of art was compliments of 21 rolls of Comfort Soft.

You might be wondering why in the world we would be telling others about our incognito strikes.  We just like taking the credit for it all! 

You never know when the TP BROS are going to strike again.  Our next victim could be YOU! muhahaha

What was your most memorable TP experience? Who has gotten your house the best? Who have you gotten really good?

4 Comentários:

keenan said...

u guys r freckin retarded but if u don't get caught for a while keep doing it and was it u guys who tp holly's house u should tell us who ur tping.


Anonymous said...

hey well i have to admit that ur TPing job was pretty good but it took me 2 HOURS to clean up!!!!!!!
i want to go next time so call me up

Anonymous said...

o ya and by the way if u didnt catch on that last comment was holly

Sean Sid said...

yea. i caught that holly. i am not that stupid u know

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